Smoking Ban, what do you think?

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Smoking Ban, what do you think? Empty Smoking Ban, what do you think?

Post  totty on Fri Jan 11, 2008 4:56 am

Hi Guys & Gals of candy land,

I know it seems a little late as the ban is already in full swing and it is coming up to its first year, but i would like to hear your thoughts on the smoking ban and what effect it has had on your nights out not only at Candy but in other venues as well.

I really must admit i was a fan of the ban when i first heard about it as being a none smoker it was awful the smell that was on my clothes the next day, and then i went to New York where the ban had been for a few years and my clothes, hair and skin didnt stink of smoke the next day.

Now i hold my hands up and say what the FUCK are the goverment trying to do? why should people be dictated to as to what they do and where?

I dont only feel this way because it is effecting our businesses but i must admit that it is partly, plus I hate being told what to do by anyone lol

I think Candy are arranging a petition to send to the local MP and I know Mark & Nick are wanting to go to the MP's Surgeries to question the same each and every time one is on, so please sign this petition even if your a non smoker as this is effecting your social lives as well, less and less people are coming out which in turn means less and less totty to pick up on lol!!!

Eventually when MP's are voted against and realise that their living is coming to an end due to a stupid ban then maybe they will think again.


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